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Pulse Generatoer (LED-PG)

Pulse Generator (LED-PG)

The LED-PG pulse generator module is designed to supply the optimal pulse current, pulse width and pulse repetition frequency (prf) for the LMS LED's. There is a trade-off between these parameters: for example, too high a pulse current or prf will cause overheating and damage to the LED, while longer pulses allow lower band-width detectors and simpler signal detection circuitry to be used.
The LED-PG pulse generator is normally supplied with the following factory setting:

Pulse current 500 mA
Repetition rate 1KHz
Duty cycle 10%

These setting are safe for all LMS LED's operating without a heatsink at room temperature. Pulse settings can be changed by rotating one of three multi-turn potentiometer screws labelled 'pulse width', 'repetition rate', and 'current'. The setting ranges are listed under specifications.

Pulse current 0 - 2.5 A (peak)
Repetition rate 400 Hz - 50 KHz
Pulse width 10 ms - 750 microsecond
Pulse risetime 5 microsecond
Power requirements 5 - 12 VDC
Repetition rate is defined at 1/(time interval between lagging or leading edge of successive pulses).
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